Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Bunny French Toast and Some Other Stuff

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Easter 2013. Hagen style. This is how it went down.
I spontaneously decided to do this for breakfast. Didn't even look it up on Pinterest. Just created this beauty all by myself. Pin away friends, pin away. 
The girls picked out their Easter outfits and put in their requests for hairdos.
Jordis went for the tradition pop star Easter dress. Obvious choice.
Jordis wanted two french braids. And like a pro with a perfect part down the center and completely symmetrical braiding action, I obliged.

 Lydia went for the hand-me-down Easter flowing gown . . . with the five cent "made-in-china-probably-has-led-in-it-and-probably-got-this-in-a-goody-bag-at-a-birthday-party-necklace."
She was adamant about taking a shot in her "Easter pose." After careful prep and spreading the train of her dress out just so . . . 
 So Jordis followed with her "Easter pose." Classy, right?
 I told Elijah to pick out a nice outfit today. He nailed it.
We went to church. Elijah and Lydia fought in the garage before we even got into the car. There was a pool noodle involved. Elijah drew this in church in the spirit of Easter.
 A friend took this pic for us at church. Everyone looking at the camera. An Easter miracle.
 On the car ride home there was much giggling, chanting, and singing. I would like to tell you it was about the empty tomb, the new life in Christ, Jesus giving us life. But alas, no. It was about bunnies pooping out chocolate eggs and butts. The word butt was used over and over again. Until we put the shut down on the butt down. (Just came up with that. Go ahead and use it.)
Thankfully the Easter bunny showed up at my parents' house because he didn't do jack around my house. And Jordis ditched her socks before church because they didn't work with her sparkle shoes . . . in case you were wondering.
 The cousins. My brothers kids - Casey and Kylie. And their cousin Marissa. Cousinville. Cousin city. Cousin love. My kids love their cousins.
And one last awesome family shot where three out of five of us have our eyes closed. Cuz that's how we usually roll. What did you?
He is risen!

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Ferly Tangonan said...

I crack up every! Thanks for sharing your deep Easter thoughts. Consider me inspired. Again.

~ Ferly
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Jessie @PossibleMary said...

With a breakfast like that, how can it not have been the best Easter ever??!! Love the family pic:) The bunny ears make it.