Sunday, April 07, 2013

Mother's Day Pre-Party - 3 books for $24 and free shipping

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Mother's Day is five weeks away. So I thought I'd do a special dealio for the Totally Desperate Moms out there.
Three copies of my book Totally Desperate Mom for $24 plus free shipping. Now through April 14th. One for you, one for a TDM friend, and one to save for a  baby shower.

UPDATE: My website is funky right now. So if you want to order email me directly at whagen at gmail dot come with your paypal email address and mailing address. And how many copies of the book you want - 3, 6, 9, 12, 999.

Go to my website to order - select 2 copies for $24 and fill out your info and pay. And for this week only "2 copies" will be secret code between you and I for 3 copies. So don't let your mom brain fool you, when you select 2 copies you will receive 3. Because I'm a ninja. Happy Almost Mother's Day!
Other things you can to do today in your abundant free time :)
1. Read chapter one of my book here for free.
2. Like my Totally Desperate Mom page on Facebook. Cuz you know I've been slacking on my blog. And Facebook is kind of become my lazy blogging. Cuz I am lazy. Or maybe I am just busy carrying scooters and swim bags and skateboarding.
3. Nap.

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