Saturday, March 02, 2013

Stylin' Saturday - Makeup

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Stylin' Saturday - A place to enjoy the uniqueness of children and their wardrobe and hair choices. Also a place for the momfit - when you just can't get it together for What I Wore Wednesday.
My girls love to dress up and put makeup on. Sometimes I think They are too young for makeup. But then I think Awww, who cares? They love it. It entertains them. And me. And they don't wear it to school or on a regular basis. 

So when they feel like getting fancy I let them. And it usually falls short of fancy and puts them into the horror movie/domestic violence victims look. But they have no idea. They love it and think they look gorgeous. Perhaps when they grow up they can teach me how to do my makeup because I am horrible at it. So the tip for the week - wear makeup and even if it looks horrible, WORK IT. OWN IT. TAKE A PICTURE OF IT. PUT A RING ON IT. (Not sure what that last line means in this context, but I really wanted to get that in there.)

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Emily said...

Your kids are so adorable! :)