Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Worm Palace Babies

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"Elijah what are you doing?"
"I'm building a worm palace. A place where they can have babies."
This is now a thing in our household. "It's called Worm Palace Babies."
The neighbors are in on it now. "MOM! We're going to Kaleb's to do Worm Palace Babies!"
This warms my heart.
I love it when kids are kids. You know, like old school kids? Being creative. Playing in the dirt. Enjoying nature and not whining about wanting to play their ipods (we do that well over here.)
Worm Palace Babies. Give it a whirl.

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Jennifer said...

I love boys, they rock. Dirt, worms, and all. And I'm so jealous that he is wearing shorts. Is it really that warm? LUCKY! We've been freezing our tushies off here in South Dakota, I'm ready for winter to go away so my boys can go play in the dirt too!

Becky said...

My girly girl daughter made a worm farm this summer i.e. a rubbermaid container filled with dirt and a few worms. She left it open at night and wanted it closed during the day so the birds couldn't eat them. Hence the, "Leah, remember to close your worm farm before breakfast" note that graced our kitchen wall for several weeks!

I love that kind of play, too!