Monday, April 29, 2013

Donate Your Organs . . . Well, Not Yet

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I'm signed up to be an organ donor. I have been for a long time. Because know I can't take them with me when I die, and after I die I'm gonna get a rockin' heavenly body - organs included. Useless to me after death and yet could provide a whole new life for someone else. If you are not an organ donor yet, you can sign up here.

I have a cousin whose life was saved from a liver transplant. And one of my friend's husband was saved at the age of 28 by a heart transplant. It's an amazing story, but I am not going to tell you about it. I'll let him do that...

The Death That Saved My Life
By Brian Bronk
I was 28, a professional living in Palo Alto, six months into my marriage, when I suffered a stroke in my sleep.
It was a surprise. I’d been a college athlete and marathoner.
The diagnosis was idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy. To translate to English: heart failure. The doctors didn’t know why, but my heart’s ability to pump blood was so diminished that I needed a new heart. The doctors weren’t sure when I would need the transplant; it could be eight years or eight months.
Get your tissues and head over to Zocalo Public Square to read the rest of the story

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Linda Z said...

Amazing story... thanks for sharing!! I need to put a donation sticker on my license! And thanks again for the package! Not sure if my msg got through on FB! I'm already enjoying your book! :)