Thursday, May 02, 2013

Boys and Fancy Cars

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My babe turned 38 last month. And he likes nice cars. So I bought him three. Actually, we have a friend who owns all three so he suggested we take a drive to Napa for Shiloh's birthday. Way cheaper than buying three of my own. So I set up the drive. We cruised - a Ferrari, a Porsche with Ruf, and a fancy Mercedes like the safety car in Formula One. The reason I mention the Ruf and the safety car is well because . . . I know it means a lot to most moms. And I won't mention how great the "growl" of the engines were or other such talk I overheard because I don't want to make you too jealous. But it was a good time with friends, but I missed my minivan. Those electronic doors and and seating capacity - can't beat it. But I think Shiloh liked cruising in these vehicles (we tried all three) a tad better than rolling in my minivan.
I even took the Ferrari for a spin around the block just because I wanted to see my friend get nervous. I hadn't driven a stick shift in a long time. The ferrari looks cool and all, but again . . . nothing like my DMV. And then I made my friend pose in front of the cars . . . because I'm a dork.

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