Thursday, June 06, 2013

Lydia's Makeover Birthday Party

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Lydia turned seven a few weeks ago. Her birthday was on the "Fun Run"day at her school. You know,  the fun run where your kids are supposed to get sponsors to raise money for the school, but the kids don't really care about it so the parents are the ones who get the sponsors? All two of them - yourself and your parents and maybe an uncle if you are lucky. Does your school do a money run?

Anyway, her class color was purple so she awoke to a birthday present that was two purple outfits to choose from. Uncle Mitchy and Aunt Karen were in town from Southern Cal so we all headed out to cheer her on in her running endeavors. Jordis was thrilled to be there. (We found out the next day that she had pneumonia so that may have contributed to her grumpy Fun Run attendance.)

When she first saw our entourage and the sign I made her (via . . . priceless.
 I ran with her most of the time, but could barely keep up.
On Saturday was Lydia's big makeover party. Planned out by her, of course. 
My fifth-grade nieces came to help manage the salon.

The pedicure station was slammed for most of the party.
 The Drying Station was conveniently located next to the bike and scooter parking. Once you're dry, you can ride off into the sunset.
The finished products looked amazing, right? They were ready to hit the streets. Of my cul-de-sac. On bikes and scooters.
Then They danced and practiced some routines they have been working on at recess. And that's a whole other blog post.
They ate pizza. 
They enjoyed my Pinterest-worthy cupcakes. Nailed them once again, people. Pin away. Almost as good as my Elmo cake.

 And the birthday girl was happy.  And her little sister was at the doctor with her dad getting her pneumonia diagnosis. Of course. (But she is all good now.)
Lydia chose and arranged the songs for her annual birthday mix. I put the CD with a lip gloss and hair tie and gave them out as party favors. And there you have it - extreme makeover birthday party. Lydia style. 

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