Wednesday, July 03, 2013

High School Reunions - Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

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I graduated from high school in 1993. Twenty years ago. You know what that means - besides body parts getting un-tight and more cracks on your face - HIGH SCHOOL REUNION!
There are several thought processes that accompany those three words:
1. I hated high school. Why would I want to revisit it?
2. Facebook is my high school reunion. I see what people are doing and that's as far as I want to take it.
3. I already talk to my friends from high school who I want to talk to. The rest? I don't want to talk to them. So why should I reunificate (good word huh? Just made it up, right now. Probably cuz I graduated from high school) with them?
4. I hate small talk. And that's what reunions are all about. Small talk and uncomfortable high heels.
5. I am an extreme introvert. Large crowds make me uncomfortable so why would I want to suck in my gut for that torture?
6. I am in a difficult/unwanted place in my life right now (unemployed, going through divorced, single, 48 kids, etc) and everyone else has all their junk together. Except for the junk in their trunk - that's probably a lot bigger or saggier than twenty years ago.
7. I just had a baby and am in The Black Hole and my body parts are falling off.
8. I live too far away and I can't make the trip out because I was just in town two weeks before and I don't have a jet plane or that much time off work or people to watch my kids or money to pay my bills.
9. I don't even want to go, but my spouse does. So I guess we are going.
10. I love a party and I loved high school. While I have connected with some people on facebook it would be great to see them in person. And with kids and life in the crazy lane, I hardly get to see my close high school friends anyway so this will be awesome.

You might guess the category I fall into. Let's hear it for number 10! Also, did I leave any high school reunion attitudes out? 

One of my good girlfriends from high school was in charge of planning the reunion. Because she was popular and governmental. *Note: don't ever run for senior class president because somewhere in fine print in the ASB handbook it states that the senior class prez is in charge of high school reunions forever. So this friend, who we will call Kendall, to protect the correct spelling of her name, lives across the country, works full time, and has two kids. Perfect for planning a reunion. So me and a few others helped her out. And here is how the awesome went down.

(me and the Prez)
Saturday morning - picnic with family at a local park in 100 degree heat. I didn't care, but my family was getttin' all hot and ready to go way before I was.
But Jordis and her new friend (daughter of a classmate) seemed to really be enjoying themselves.
When I realized we didn't have name tags I grabbed some from home, but I didn't have quite enough. So searched Pinterest for hours and figured out how to cut them in half ever so . . . tackily. As you can see, they were a huge hit.
We had the reunion at a local hotel. I got there early to make sure me and my girls were all wearing black. Check. Because black (and Spanx) hides things that happen over the last 20 years.

 I set up a memorial table to remember those from our class who have passed. It was not my idea so stop yourself before you go all "What a great idea, Wendy" on me. Heard about it from someone who had that at her reunion so we ran with it.

Then I looked around for my husband who was meeting me there. Instead, I found this stylin' guy and made a name tag for him and called him my husband, because he was hot. (Shiloh totally surprised me with this get-up. Rented it at a costume store and everything. Stayed in character, which was "cool guy" the whole time.)
Chatted with long lost friends and unlost friends who I rarely get to see.

Friends since elementary school. Both named Katie.

Taught me dear friend Jared about selfies, the junior high duck face, and accompanying peace sign. Jared and I used to be a part of the "TobDanWen" ball wall club in 5th grade. We were hoping to make a career out of that, but Jared chose pediatric dentistry instead. Whatever. Bet he wishes he could still cherry bomb like my Lydia can.

Got prepped for the dance floor and begged people to join me. Finally a handful of drunk people obliged. And the cool guy came out and showed off his two moves. (He claims he has many more, but retired them in the 90s.)

Next morning had brunch with some of my buddies.

 Separated the girls and the boys. Us girls cried laughing about some high school stories. The boys talked about whatever husbands of high school buddies talk about. Sports? Weather? Video Games? I dunno. Or they just look at their phones and wonder how long this brunch is gonna be.

I had a great weekend and loved catching up with people and wish there was even more time to catch up with old friends. Next up? Shiloh's class reunion. I think I am going to dress up like Vanilla Ice.
High school reunions. Which number to you fall under? Been to yours? Looking forward to one? Gagging at the thought of it?

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GunDiva said...

I'm somewhere between 1-4, I think. I've ditched all of my reunions and intend to continue to do so.

However, I'm thrilled you had a great time with yours.

Jill @ Barnes Yard said...

My 15 year reunion is next month and I am so, so, so excited!

TDM Wendy said...

Well, you've covered some ground with identifying with 1-4 :) If you were in my class, maybe you'd be rocking the dance floor with me?

TDM Wendy said...

A fellow #10 girl.

Amy T said...

Used to be a 10, but Facebook has taken away a lot of the mystery and motivation. Went to my 10 year and had fun, not sure I'll go to my 20th which is next year (if I'm even in the country). Went to Lukes 20th a couple years ago and wanted to die. Making small talk with a bunch of bald men-strangers (who were lookers in HS!!!) got old really fast. Also, at each of his reunions some drunk girl always confesses that she had the hots for my husband. I think it's meant as a compliment...but awkward!

jeannett said...

I'm a Facebook satisfies my curiosity girl...but, then that curious cat comes out and I actually want to go after all. Basically, because I'm really that nosy. Even if I KNOW I'm gonna be annoyed the whole time. And want to leave. And be super judgey. Yeah, I'm a gem.

TDM Wendy said...

Oh Jeanett you would rock it with me on the dance floor. I just know it.

TDM Wendy said...

Bald-men strangers - no good. Shiloh's reunion will be interesting. At his 10 year I ended up talking to this one wife I really liked. Shiloh was not really friends with the hubby in high school but he knew him. I don't know if she will be there this time, but I am hoping...

Jennifer Mask said...

How fun! Love all the photos. I attended my 10 yr. reunion, but decided to not go to my 20 yr. and I so regret that decision. So happy to have found your blog...just stumbled onto it today. Look forward to following along. :-)