Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Please Give Me Your Crafts. For the Children.

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You know it seems that you are always being asked for something? Your money, your craftiness, your time, your dancing shoes? People are asking me all the time Will you send me one of your homemade crafts for a fundraiser? And I'm always like Certainly. I got wreathes made out of doilies and twigs til the sun don't shine. It is hard to have mad crafting skills like me. Not trying to be cocky, but I mean, have you seen my party favors tutorial? So I get it if you are maxed out with your giving.

That being said, I would love your help if you can swing it! I need some donations from the real deal crafters and handmade dealio people of the blogosphere. Doesn't have to be handmade actually, gift cards, cash,and un-handmade items are happily accepted as well.

So here's the deal:
My girlfriend (READ THIS ARTICLE about her and what she does besides being a master on the Zumba floor and possessing professional athlete calves) is the director of an amazing non-profit in Oakland, California called The Link to Children. In short, TLC does therapy for kids ages 5 and under in Alameda County who have been exposed to major trauma. You know when you hear or read on the news about a kid whose mom murdered their dad right in front of them? Or the kid who watched a sibling get beaten to death? Those are the kids TLC is serving. I wish TLC didn't need to exist, but it does. And there is a wait list of kids who need serious help process what they have seen and heard.
Meanwhile, my kid is spending her sweet time at a clothing store throwing down her middle splits. So innocent. So protected. So blessed. I want that for all children.* So I am out to get The Link to Children some more money so they can service more children so those children can heal and recover and blossom and thrive and know they are worthy and loved. (*Note: Therapy at TLC does not necessarily lead to middle splits at clothing stores.)

(HC, director of TLC pictured on the far right with my two other buddies. Sorry, HC's calves not pictured.)

This year I am on their fundraising committee to help with their upcoming Dinner/Auction. I have been shamelessly asking local businesses and friends to donate goods and services for the silent auction. And now I'm coming for you.

So dear internet/bloggy friends . . . if you have it in your financial and crafty and time bandwidth will you mail me something special for the auction? Banners, wreaths, plaques, fancy things, unfancy things, onsies, a gift card to Starbucks or Target or Amazon, a coffee mug, a book, a blanket, hair clips, tutus, pooper scoopers . . . whatever you can give would be much appreciated and will be tax deductible as well. Your item will probably be put in a basket with some other stuff depending on what you send. And don't worry, I won't be the one putting the baskets together to look all pretty. I will be recruiting others to help pretty things up.

So, are you in? Please leave me a comment about what you can donate with your email or email me directly at wendy at wendyhagen dot net. I would love to get everything to me by October 23rd. 

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Erika Finn said...

Just commented on your facebook page - but wanted to say I want to find something to donate. Sounds like a great cause - thank you so much for putting out this call to action. Really awesome of you!!!

Sherry Siska said...

Wendy, I would be willing to send you a set of my three novels. They are cozy, humorous mysteries. If interested, send me an email at with the address to ship to.

Melinda King said...

Wendy - I sew children's clothing...I would be more than happy to send some things to you. Do you think it would be better to do like a "receiving" gift type thing of baby blanket, burb cloth, bib or say a girls dress?

Merri C said...

I'd love to donate something. What is needed?

TDM Wendy said...

Thank you! Just emailed you.

TDM Wendy said...

That would be great! Will email you!

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