Thursday, September 04, 2014

Costco Inspired Thoughts About Kids Going Off to College

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Yesterday in line at Costco I saw a middle-aged women in her tennis outfit. Clearly an empty nester because she was buying tennis balls, toilet paper, and avocados. That's it. And I got really sad and thankful. Sad for that stage in life. Sad there was not a dozen apples in her cart that will vanish in days. Sad there there were no flat pretzels that her son likes. Sad that there was not a double flat of raspberries that will be consumed by tomorrow. Sad that there was not a ginormous honey dew rolling around in her cart because her kindergartener told her class that honey dew was her favorite food.

I am sure that woman has a great life and enjoys her freedom, her grocery bill, and her tennis. And I know there are GREAT parts to having grown kids. Like going to the bathroom without interruption and people gratefully rejoicing when you make them food of any kind. But I was looking at her cart situation and thinking "I am so glad that my kids are in school right now so I can fly through Costco, but I am so glad I get to go pick them up in a few minutes!"

You guys, this kindergarten business does not make me cry. But I cannot handle the thought of kids going off to college!!! Yesterday I helped one of my babysitters (who started as my "mommy's helper" when she was 9 years old) with her COLLEGE essays.

And I get teary-eyed thinking of her beautiful mother who will be kissing that sweet face goodbye next year. I know she is not dying or vanishing into the abyss never to return, but I just can't handle it. Last year we went to my high school's dance show and they did a senior dance where all the girls wore their college sweatshirts. Could not handle. Was crying on behalf of their parents.
And I am so thankful that I have at least 8 more years with Elijah at home, 12 with Lydia, and 46 with Jordis. She told me the other day she never wants to leave home and go to college. Yes, that's the same girl who once told me I was meaner than fireworks. She's never leaving home.

Parenting is hard. Some days are horrible. Some days are simply mundane. Some days are rewarding. Some days are amazing. Sometimes I feel like a total failure. Some days I feel like I could teach a parenting class. JK, never had that thought. I guess what I am trying to say is, I am thankful that I get to be a mom. The end.

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meg said...

So well said! !

Kerry said...

I am the exact same way. Kindergarten - no tears. 10th grade - tears! because college is THREE year away!!! Stop the madness. Slow down the teenage train. Teens are amazing creatures. I might just venture to say they are my favorite (don't tell my kindergartner). I cry at other people's children leaving. I tear up when the college reps come to the high school for a visit. Right there with you. I have told my husband to plan big, clear his schedule and watch out for September of 2017. I will need all the support I can get. OF course the business of having another senior that year will be good for distraction but then she will be leaving in 9 months too!!!!

Becky said...

Great post!! My kids are exhausted & crabby in week two of BTS, so I'm not quite excited to pick them up BUT I excited when I hear all about how awesome K and 2nd grade are!