Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hagen Family Worst Photos 2014

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I have really neglected my blog the past few years. In fact, my Totally Desperate Mom Facebook page has really become my form of (lazy) blogging. However, I probably can never let it go entirely because of this. My worst pics. My family's ugly photos. The worst lighting, the worst angles, the worst attitudes. This Christmas, our family really does celebrate Jesus. God with us. But somehow this Hagen family photos has also become something we (and apparently others) celebrate. It's a tradition. 

My girlfriends were talking about mud masks and junk. And for my birthday my girlfriend got me some mud with special powers. I tried it. Apparently I am not so good at it.
Lighting is everything. My garage is my best lighting friend. Or in this case, my worst lighting friend. If you want to see my wrinkles and creases and blotches in all their glory . . . here you go.
Okay, so this is kind of staged, but whatever. I look like a freak.
Although I proudly wear the sash of Miss Catan, I can hardly look at this photo. It's just bad in every way.
 Morning glossy eyes. Special mouth, frowny wrinkles are developing as I approach FORTY. 
Hair eating photos always turn out well. 
Working out some stuff in our marriage. 
Sleeping kids are not always cute.
Say "cheese" Jordis. 
After the Easter candy . . .

Early in the year Jordis provided me with many shots for the hashtag #nothomeless. Unfortunately, she is really into brushing her hair now so I don't foresee much #nothomeless in the new year. Savor these ones, people. 
I love it when she does her own makeup. Because she is so good at it.
I love it when she does her own makeup and then goes to watch her sister in the talent show.
We are hopeful that #nothomeless has a future in balloon work.
Face necklaces. The next big thing.
When Jordis saw this pic she said, "I love this one. Look at my tights! They're yellow!" 'Nuff said.
Yep. She belongs to us.
Elijah got a really bad haircut this year. The next morning, he shaved his head completely.
Shiloh really tried to outdo me this year by way of ugly photos. So proud of him. 
Looks like that guy from The Simpsons here.
Just no. 
Shiloh is so very proud of this one. His belly sticking out skills are first class.
This might be my favorite worst picture of the year. Oh Shiloh. Shiloh, Shiloh, Shiloh.
Mad skills, Shiloh. Way to go.
Family photos are always a good time.
I spoke at Crossroads Church on Mother's Day. My kids came to see me. I could't see them,
Hugs and kisses. From our family. And this random dog on the beach.
To walk down worst memory lane . . . 20132012201120102009.
Until next year . . .
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Kim said...

love them all.

Wendy Keller said...

Just wanted to say my Name was Wendy Cox before I got married. Neat we had the same name.