Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Florida: Glass half empty or half full?

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Unfortunately, our airtime to and from Florida with Lydia was bloggable.

But overall, it was a great trip and Tyler & Julie's
wedding was beautiful.

Unfortunately, I accidentally left my digital camera at home. I did buy a throw away camera, but have not had a chance to get those developed and scanned yet (how archaic is that?). Thus, I will post more pics later. I only have the ones I took on my cell phone (how technically progressive is that?) and a few that Donna (who I sat next to at the wedding) emailed me.

It's all just about perspective, right? So sit back, and read on and see how much water's in your glass.

Half Full: On the flight there (with one stop in Houston), we had a seat for Lydia even though we did not pay for one. On the leg from Oakland to Houston it was the ONLY open seat. But, shoooooot, who wanted to sit next to us?
Half Empty: She was a squirmy worm and just wanted to go back and forth between the two of us all jillion hours of the flight (from leaving our house to arriving at the Ft. Lauderdale aiport - 9 hours). She slept a total of about an hour and 10 minutes.

Half Empty: Shiloh had run out of contacts before we left for the trip and didn't have time to get more. He had one pair of contacts for the wedding day. On Friday, his glasses broke.
Half Full: We showed up for the rehearsal at 2pm (when Shiloh's glasses broke) only to find out it was at 3 pm. Yeah! We had an hour to go to Lenscrafters, call the fabulous Optom, Dr. Sui, get Shiloh's prescription faxed, and get contact lenses before the rehearsal.

Half Full: We got a great deal on the hotel we stayed in on the last night. And the room was awesome - all remodeled with a kitchen, living room and separate bedroom. And my old neighbor from the dorms at UCLA, Kris Roth AKA "KR", came to visit us there. We hung out and went to dinner.

Half Empty: " EVACUATE THE BUILDING. THIS IS A FIRE ALARM. DO NOT TAKE THE ELEVATOR. PROCEED TO THE NEAREST STAIRWAY. EVACUATE THE BUILDING. THIS IS A FIRE ALARM. DO NOT TAKE THE ELEVATOR. PROCEED TO THE NEAREST STAIRWAY." It was like music to our ears at 3 in the morning. Actually, it was more like newborns crying in the middle of the night or toddlers whining for no reason - especially when we were on the 11th floor.
Half Full: There was no fire. The cleaners accidentally set it off? Apparently, this happened earlier in the week too, but in the daytime. That one was set off because there were too many omelettes cooking in the kitchen and the fire alarm system was a bit too sensitive to that. Sure. A huge hotel is not prepared for smoke from cooking breakfast. Where are the Terpstra's when you need them?

Half Empty: On the flights home from Ft. Lauderdale to St. Louis and then to LA, there were NO open seats.
Half Full: The guy next to us going to St. Louis had ear plugs and the girl next to us going to LA was nice.

Half Empty: Our flight from LAX to Oakland was delayed about 45 minutes (total travel time from hotel to Oakland airport - 13 hours. Time with family in an enclosed space with recylcled germy air - priceless).
Half Full: We had time to eat.

Half Empty: Lydia had a minor blowout just as we were about to land in Oakland. We didn't have anymore clothes for her on the plane. Don't worry this was child's play compared to the doozy she had at the airport in Maui.

Good news: At least we had a clean diaper and were almost home. She got the toga wrap, like Elijah did after Elijah leaked his diaper on the way to Hawaii.

Half Full: Elijah was a total train wreck when we got back. He was so tired he couldn't handle anything.
Good news: He took a nap and is back to the spunky, lovable boy we left behind. He had a great time with my parents, the Stokes and the Madsens. A shout out to them, "SHOUT!" Thank you. Tonight he prayed this: "For everyone to feel better and for the white cells to get all the germs." Gotta love the book (from newly married, Tyler) "Inside your Outside" by Dr. Seuss. Somebody's gotta pray for those hard-working white blood cells, right?

I know Elijah's obsession with Star Wars, and in particular bad guys and Darth Vadar, does not line up with his sweet white blood cell prayin' soul. But what are you gonna do? May the force be with us.

I took a hip hop class (don't laugh) on Thursday at the San Ramon Dance Academy...with a bunch of teenagers (okay, now you can laugh). I had a good time, although my body didn't the next day.

Shiloh was in SF having dinner with Steve Olson (see So Cal posts). And Lydia was at the Stokes house taking her first steps. Who wants to see that anyway? Pin It Now!


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