Tuesday, July 03, 2007

It's No Disneyland

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We took the kids and Ava, my Mommy's helper to Six Flags "Discovery Kingdom." For the old school Bay Area folks, that's "Marine World, Africa, USA." We met the Ortiz's there and their friends' kids and nanny (Are you with me?). We should have gotten a clue as to the quality of service and operations in the park when workers were picketing outside of the park. There was an elephant as we walked in the gates, available for petting and photos. The trainer said he was 67 years old even though most elephants only live to about 50. "That's why he looks half dead." I commented. "Oh no, he is just really tame. Always has been."
Riiiiiight. That's what circus life and theme park captivity will do for you. Maybe I should live at a theme park. Mellow me out a bit. Better yet, do they have program or do they want to make a show starring three year olds?

They could make them swim and climb up trees for their food like in the Tiger Show. Then send them back home all mellowed out. A Pseudo Ridalin.

You know we waited for an hour at Disneyland to see Mickey Mouse. At Six Flags, characters literally just stood around awkwardly. No lines. No fanfare. I know Elijah did not even know who ANY of the characters were. But we felt sorry for "The Flash" (I mean, he was all of 16 years old. I think the real Flash was picketing for fair labor or superhero equality or something.) so we sent Elijah up for a pic.

The boys had fun although they were disappointed that the go carts were closed. Actually, there were people riding them, it was just the park employees. Not sure how that really works with the shortage of workers and all... In fact, I am pretty sure it was the workers from the food court because the lines were not moving over there... for the $8.00 kid's pack with an old PB & J, EXPIRED RAISINS & mini-bottle of water.

Because of the strike, I think they must have recruited some carni workers. It was quite comical because they would give a little speech about the ride and the height requirement ... in a different language. Could not understand a thing.

You would think with the cost of food, they could afford some decent costumes for their Looney Tunes Show. The kids didn't mind that Tweety was dirty, Bugs Bunny's costume was worn like an old sock and Sylvester's nose was falling off.

Lydia had a good time walking around.

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Meghan Sarpalius said...

HA HA thats is hilarious....I guess the next best things is Great America ha-ha.

carol bazzani said...

oh my...that' so sad...so I hear that there was a storm on July 3rd at your house and Elijah blamed it for the wet skateboard...ha ha...love that kid :)