Thursday, June 12, 2008

Miney Coming?

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It was a sad day in the Hagen house on Monday. It was time for Lydia to say good bye to her best friend, the pacifier. In our house we call them it the "Miney" (named by Elijah). It has been very good to us and our children and it is with sweet sorrow we say farewell. But as much as we love it, we don't want it causing permanent orthodontic problems. Let's face it, Lydia is already tooth challenged.
When we did the miney exorcism with Elijah I went to work and Shiloh stayed home for the festivities. Worked out great. I didn't have to listen to the crying and whining at nap time. And Elijah let go pretty easily. It was really only a day and a half of mild discomfort. But I anticipated the sassy girl would not give up without a fight. So I went to work.

Shiloh and the kids were on the go all day. One of their outings was to the toy store where Lydia got to pick out a toy in exchange for all of her mineys. She picked rocket balloons and water balloons. REALLY?

Elijah had a few bucks from the Grandma Easter bunny and bought some toy soldiers and tanks.

Anyway, I was sadly disappointed to come home at 3:40 only to find Lydia screaming bloody murder in her room while Shiloh was rocking her. He had started trying to get her to nap 15 minutes earlier. Sorry Dad, you missed your window of opportnity. Mom knows that if you wait that long to put her down for the nap (past 2:30ish) you have issues even with the miney. So I said forget it. Let's skip the nap and hope she is really tired (but not overtired - yikes) for her first mineyless night...because I was on night duty. Shiloh was gone for his discipleship group.

It actually was not THAT bad. It took me about an hour to get her to fall asleep. A little rocking, a little crying. A little "Miney coming?" But the final winner was that I said "I need to go check on Elijah. But if you lay here and don't cry I will come right back and check on you." For some reason she falls for that line. It comforts her to hear that I will come back and check on her. I did come right back and check on her. Then I said the same thing again, but waited longer and knew she would fall asleep. She did.

We are not in total recovery yet, but we are getting there. Hopefully she will be totally detoxed by the time little sister gets here so she doesn't steal her mineys. Maybe Elijah can be Lydia's sponsor. Pin It Now!


Andra Jamison said...

Classic! Sounds like brother and dad might have a little influence on her toy store purchase. I put getting rid of the binky right up there w/potty training, if we remembered how bad it was we might not have more!

fredism said...

I'm sorry about hearing that the comfort, no calorie, relaxers are going away. Good thing she isn't a thumb sucker. Those things really need some creativity to stop.
Get her into miney group and support every nite. I've sure there's one in your local Danville chapter.

The Andersons said...

Oh sister - i feel your pain. we pulled both the kiddos at the same time. It was "paci-baba" (named by Clay) withdraw times 2. But with kiddos 13 months apart, it was the only way to do it. I say with number 3, just let her take it to kindergarten with her and then all the other kids will laugh her into throwing it away herself.