Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Patch and Kidney Reflux

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I bet the post title sucked you in...
Went to the pumpkin patch yesterday with The Hobbit, Princess Leia and a UCLA cheerleader.

On another note, after Jordis had the UTI we knew she would need to be tested for kidney reflux or Vesicoureteral Reflux. Click on the link to read about it. We had the test on Thursday (thanks to Brenda for coming with me for this jolly procedure) and she has bilateral kidney reflux. Not a shock based on her UTI at her young age.

Bottom line is this: the treatment is a year of low dose antibiotics! Yuck! I talked to Jordis's pediatrician, Dr. Whyte, yesterday. She knew I would be resistant (considering I don't even vaccinate). I told her I would research it over the weekend. She said if I don't do the antibiotics (which she recommends - especially because Jordis is only 3 months old) she would refer me to a pediatric urologist. The risk is that she could get an infection and show no signs of one (especially since she cannot communicate about it) and then get kidney damage. Without getting into all the details and info (you can look online if you are interested), I wanted to see if anyone has had experience with this.

I don't want her to take those antibiotics (Septra), but it may be the lesser of two evils.
P.S. Stay tuned for more pumpkin patch photos.
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Anonymous said...

I simply want to encourage you that the Lord is your wisdom...I know that there are scary things we have here in this country when it comes to medicine, and we want to make wise decisions with information that the Lord has allowed us access to, but regardless of info, what does He say to you in your spirit regarding this decision? I know confidently that you are His child, and He is guiding your hand here.

Anonymous said...

We love you little Jordis! I know God will lead you and Shiloh to the right decisions. You are an awesome Mom!

themurphys said...

I have this! I had a ton of kidney infections as a child (but they were not up on this back then and never tested for anything...just said I was "prone"). In college, every time I would do strenuous exercise I would have problems which led to them finally doing an IVP and cystogram (put me out and stuck the scope up there!). They determined that one of my kidneys is 1/3 or it's normal size and that my ureter connects to my bladder lower than normal with a larger than normal opening (hence, the reflux). They were unsure if the infections caused damage but afer several scans over the years it doesn't look like's probabably been that way since birth. BTW, I'm sure everyone reading these comments is thinking TMI, lady! Oh well. They recommended surgery if the frequency continued. I had to be on preventative antibiotics my entire pregnancy with Briggs due to a nasty kidney infection when I was about 4 weeks along with him. Since then, I get them about 1 time a year, which is not enough to warrant the surgery but it may have to happen in the future. It does run in uncle has it and has had the surgery as well. My mom doesn't remember me having many problems until I was a toddler though so I know it is so different in Jordis' case. This probably much help at all...sorry! We'll be praying for your munchkin. Love, Mini kidney and fam

Andrea said...

Wendy- loved the post, good to hear the update on Jordis, keep us posted. Loved the halloween costumes, you gotta head to Stork's nest and get Jordis one of those hats... I am going to get Emery another one for Christmas- it's red with a red & white "foof"- dig it :)

Dawn said...

WENDY! I'm so sorry Jordis has to go on antibiotics. Ick, ick, ick. I'll be praying things take less time than a year to clear up.