Saturday, February 28, 2009

Elijah's Bike Plan

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Elijah has recently learned to ride his bike without training wheels. Riding his bike is his new favorite hobby. Yesterday he took a minor spill, but of course, he needed a bandaid. It wasn't bleeding, but he predicted that it was going to in the near future. In his recovery he declared that he didn't want to ride his bike for two weeks. Then he asked me to hold him to that.
"Okay Mom? Two weeks. I'm not gonna ride it for two weeks."
"Okay Elijah."
"But I can change my mind. Because it is my plan, right?"
Moments later...
"Five days Mom. Five days. I changed my plan. Not going to ride it for five days."
"Okay son."
Then we go in the house. And two minutes later he says,
"Mom, let't go outside. I want to go outside and ride my bike again."

It reminded me of the inner dialogue I often have with myself about sugar...

Lydia is too short to ride a bike. So she just runs up and down the driveway in her silky pajama bottoms and pink cowgirl boots.

Or sits in her chair, has a snack and daydreams about her wedding day.

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JdeLou said...

I love it!