Monday, February 16, 2009

My 34th Birthday and firemen and DJ PG & E

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February 4th was my 34th birthday. Big deal. Or so I thought until I heard a knock at my door the night of Feb. 2nd where two giggling girls huddled. It was two of my best friends from high school. Kati, who lives in Orange County. And Missy, who lives in Champaign, Illinois. Shiloh had orchestrated this madness back in early December. Stud.
I was speechless and surprised. On tuesday and wednesday we went out to lunch - no kids. Wednesday night Missy and Kati watched the kids so Shiloh and I could go out to dinner. Upon returning from dinner I was shocked by some of my girlfriends being in my kitchen yelling, "Surprise!" Treats and chats ensued with the girlfriends.I kept looking at my birth certificate to confirm that I was, in fact, 34 years old and not 40 or 50. According to the records, it was indeed my 34th birthday. Does it get any better? Yes. Read on.

And if that wasn't enough .... the next day Shiloh called me from work and told me to have the kids packed and ready by 5:30 pm. The kids were going elsewhere and we were going out. Surprise #3. Shiloh took me and Missy and Heather to see the Fiction Family concert in San Francisco. Fiction Family is a newly formed band with the lead singer from Switchfoot, Jon Foreman, and Nickel Creek.
We got there at 8pm when the show started and still ended up with front row seats. The show was great. I recommend "When's She's Near" if you are looking for a new itunes song to download.

After all that hoopla, I was disappointed that there were not plane tickets on the table to Hawaii in the morning. I mean, afterall, I was 34 years old! Thanks Shiloh. I love you.

Oh yeah, in addition to all the Shiloh planned surprises we had some unexpected hoopla. On the the morning of my actual birthday the house kind of smelled like gas. And then it got worse. So Missy called PG & E to see if they could come check it out.

Let's just say that the PG & E rep was less than competent. She told us that they would send someone out some time that day. But she could not give us a specific time. And we had to be there at the house ... even though she said we would not even know they were there because they would check things outside of the house. Which seems really logical considering the smell was inside the house. So basically she wanted us to wait in the house until one of us passed out? No thanks.

We decided to take the matter into our own hands. I didn't want to call 911, but I thought those firemen might want to survey the scene. The fire station 31 is close to my house so we drove there and gave them a shout out.

They were happy to come check things out. Of course, when me and the boys pulled up at the house DJ PG & E was already there. He said the rep didn't know the protocol and that when someone calls with a gas smell DJ PG & E has to be there within the hour.

The entourage came into the house. "We don't smell anything." Vanished. Gone. No smell. No gas leak. Just a good time for all.
I told them that there was never any smell. I just needed some material for my blog. Pin It Now!


Amy said...

Can you have Shiloh call Luke? I'll be turning 34 next December. I'm pretty sure Luke doesn't know that this is a "big one", and could use some pointers.

And PG&E is just dumb. We lost our power a number of months ago and they gave us the same schpeal about having to wait there all day. We did. And they finally came at 2:00 AM. No joke.

Anonymous said...

Haha...the Hagen house never has a dull moment. That is what makes it so fun!

Scott Keeble said...

Is that what Jordis looks like after inhaling the noxious fumes?

I'm willing to celebrate my 32.5 birthday like that any year! Total treat. I'll second the stud-status for Shiloh too.

Libby said...

Wen- Happy belated birthday. Sounds like Shiloh made sure you were celebrated like a rock star. As you should be. You never cease to make me laugh!

Tyler said...

Ah'geez. Shiloh said you guys went to Fiction Family. Didn't say a dang thing about the party come I wasn't invited??