Friday, March 06, 2009

Potty Talk Welcome Here

Pin It Now! Potty Talk. We allow in the Hagen household. Before you start hurling insults at me like "Poop face! How could you allow young children to be so ill-mannered?" Hear me out.

You know that saying "Choose your battles." This is a battle I choose to lose. The thing is, it brings ridiculous joy to my children. Pathetic, I know. But when you don't allow toys, TV or cigarettes in the house you gotta give them something, right?
AND when the Dad is the King of proudly smelling up the whole house how can you expect your children to come out unscathed? (Remember the The Two "f's" post?)

As I was tucking the kids in to bed and Elijah started crying, "I want my Daddy." So I decided to lighten things up, "Why would you want your Daddy when your Mommy is way cooler?!" Then I tickled Elijah and his tears turned to laughter. Then I said "Who would you rather have tuck you in? Mommy or Daddy?" Elijah shouted, "Daddy!" I tickled him and the game went on. But inevitably the dialogue turned to the dark side.

I asked Elijah what Mommy's do. He said they put scarfs on their booties. Then he laughed so hard I thought I was going to have to bust out some CPR. That's when I decided not to shut down tonight's, "Who can talk the most nonsensical potty talk?" And I got out the camera.

Keep in mind, Elijah did violate the Hagen rules of engagement. There is to be no private part lingo (except booty). He's not supposed to say "butt". I know, I know. Arbitrary. Some would find booty more offensive than butt. And he is not supposed to say "wee wee" because of the diversity of interpretation on that one. So pretty much, this footage is not permissible and could be pulled off the internet at any time... and good thing I am not running Google AdSense on this baby or I would be rocking some sweet ads right now.

Without further a-POO, I mean adieu (total bonus points for mom on that one... if my kids could read):

Incidentally, because of the Hagen potty talk allowances, my girlfriend told me I'm gonna be the Christian version of the "cool" Mom. The house where all the kids want to hang out. I'm totally fine with that. If my kids are going to potty talk I'd rather they do it at their own house. Don't want them dropping potty bombs and then going off and biking home or something.
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Meghan said...

HA HA Oh man you crack me up Wendy!!! Seriously I will be first in line at the table signing for your book cause I love these stories. So already are the cool Mom =)


and this is why our kids love each other. i'll be the secretary of your "potty talk in the house" club. i think caleb might have to be the president

Amy said...

looks like the hoopla has changed blog directions!

Shiloh's Dad said...

Thats one happy kid making another kid laugh. Can't get any better.

taryn said...

your kids ARE classic, oh man ...