Friday, March 13, 2009

Creepy Caspian

Pin It Now! As many of you know, Elijah is into "The Chronicles of Narnia" these days because Shiloh read him all seven books of the series. He is all about Aslan and the color gold. For Christmas he got a Aslan/Prince Caspian pillow (thanks Grams). Then he got one for his birthday (thanks terpstras). He loves them and suggested we put them on our living room couch for decoration. How do you tell your sweet boy ... "THOSE ARE THE FREAKIEST, CREEPIEST PILLOWS EVER!"

Not to mention that don't fit in with our decorating style(?) in the living room. I take that back, they would go perfectly in our hodge podge of a living room/dining room. They would blend in perfectly with the duct taped chair.

And the life sized horse Elijah won for his sister at VBS last summer.

For now they will accompany Elijah's Star Wars/Surf bedding. Wow, is my decorating randomness/lack of style that bad? Indeed it is. There I go again... making people feel a lot better about themselves. Now everyone probably feels like an interior decorator compared to me.

The Aslan side is not that bad. Especially if you are into silky lions. But double Prince Caspian? You've got to be kidding me. Do you think that guy's Mom has them all over her house?

P.S. My DMV is still my DMV. I threw away a few items and collected a few more from preschool and our park outing today. I also washed a disposable diaper in the washing machine with all of my clothes. Awesome. Now I have a DMV and a DWM (dirty washing machine). Pictures to follow. Pin It Now!



I'm wiping away tears right now. And telling Caleb that you are hilarious. Thanks for making us all feel better about ourselves.

Michelle Schrock said...

I can totally see that guy's Mom with those creepy pillows on her sofa and in her guest room, lol..look at my son, he has his own pillow, isn't he so shiny and handsome, and smooth!! hee hee