Monday, March 23, 2009

Pippi Longstocking and Crayons

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We got Pippi Longstocking on Netflix as per Shiloh's request. He has fond childhood memories from watching it as a kid. I never watched it. And I'm thankful. I put the movie in for the kids and it was like watching a bad kung fu movie. The voices are totally dubbed. When I saw this I immediately called Shiloh in a panic, "Honey, there is somtehing wrong with the Pippi DVD. The voices don't match the mouths." He replied, "Yeah, I know. They are all like that. It was made in Europe or something."
It didn't seem to bother the kids, but I am forever scarred.

AND Pippi has a pretty bad attitude and rebels against adults. She lives by herself because her Mom is dead and her Dad is a pirate??!! But other than that, it is an awesome show and I highly recommend it ... for weirdos. Yeah Shi, I just called you a weirdo.

But to honor my husband I thought I would bust out some Pippi pony tails on Lyds.

Lydia played role well, hiding her crayons from her brother.

And in the end, Lyds rebelled against the hairdo and disposed of it.
Does anyone else's kids watch the Pippster? If so, are you insulted that I called you a weirdo?

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Lorri said...

We have a Pippi story! When Emma was little she told Scott's dad she wanted to eat at "Pippi's Daddy's." We had no idea what she meant. Until. We realized that Wendy's (aka...the girl with red braids) was right next to KFC in Dublin...with the picture of C. Sanders (aka Pippi's Daddy.) We still call braids "Pippis" or "Pippi style." The original book is hard reading too. We must have seen the movie version first.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the movie. Didn't mind the dubbing so much but not too excited about the heroine being such a punk....We need another model of a punky girl like a hole in our head these days!