Saturday, April 04, 2009

Stylin' Saturday #3

Pin It Now! It wasn't a very exciting fashion week around here.
Lydia wore her shirt backwards all day. Big deal. Elijah wore his rainbow, homemade "Elijah" shirt once again. The brown sweats with bear paw prints really completed his metro outfit.

My Mom and Dad brought the kids back some "Kung Fu Suits" as Elijah calls them. The kids were sooooo stoked. Silk never goes out of style around here. And you should always accessorize your silkies with a Dora lunch box. Always.
Elijah was so excited to wear his outfit to school. Which he did. That little trend setter.

And if your made in China, bought in China (I think that is insurance for a high quality get up) kung fu suit starts to fall apart after only hours of use... throw on a decaying, hand-me-down princess dress and you are ready for prom.

Man, I love these kids.
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