Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stylin' Saturday #6

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Cheerleader outfits are a must have for the active toddler. Long shell necklaces make a great accessory to any cheerleading get up.

However, you must not keep the outfit clean more than 5 minutes. Clean uniforms are a total fashion faux pas. Complete the look with a ticked off face and tough girl posture, accompanied by chocolate smear and you are truly stylin' in the football off season.

Don't forget to reward your awesome fashion sense with a ice cold... water.

The clock is ticking... get your MCP entries in NOW!
P.S. Let me sneak in a few prayer requests today...

1. One of our friends, Lance, is recovering after surgery that removed the cancerous tumor in his bladder. The doctor was very positive that the got it all and it has not spread. But you know what a jerk cancer is. Pray for Lance and Sara (and 3 young kids and one baby from China coming in the next year or so) as they recover and pray that he is cancer free forever.
2. My friend's son, Vincent, is in the hospital from complications from an ear infection. He has a rare condition called mastoiditis where bacteria has gotten into the bone. Check their blog for more info and updates.
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Lorri said...

Is that Eileen's son? I will be praying and I DO know what a jerk cancer can be! Praising God that they were able to get it all.

Love the dirty cheerleader too! I was loading my purse with extra stuff like free samples of cat food and sporks but I confess it would be cheating so I'll sit this one out..

CynthiaK said...

Well, that's about the cutest dirty cheerleader I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

Wendy, the link doesn't work.
I will pray for their precious son.