Tuesday, May 12, 2009

11 year anniversary and Mother's Day

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Saturday Shiloh and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary. I have to say 11 years is a bit anticlimatic after the big one-zero. The morning started out with me helping Elijah run the lemonade stand at our friend's garage sale. Owen and Elijah raked in twenty bones. 

I raked in these incredible cupcakes... from my friend's husband. That sounds weird. But it's not. My friend delivered them to me on his behalf. One of the most thoughtful families we know. And I'm not just saying that so I get more cupcakes. Although, that would be great. Fine. Wouldn't be insulted. No problem here if they want to make that a weekly thing.

Then I went to a Mother's Day luncheon (thanks Bridget and Kelly) with about 30 other Mom's. Very fun and appropriate for my wedding anniversary.

Went home. Hung with the fam. Put the kids to bed. Shiloh and I then finally got some time together. We did what any old, married couple would do in search for quality time together. We went to a movie. We planned on seeing "The Soloist." But since I am in contention for the "Wife of the Year" award we made a last minute switch and saw "Star Trek." No, I am not kidding. It must be serious, life long love. That or my children have completely sucked me dry of any rational thinking or will of my own. No offense to the Trekies out there, but I have never been a fan. Know nothing about it. Never wanted to. Not really intrigued by sci-fi and space aliens. But I took the plunge (love + brain dysfunction + J.J. Abrams fan = 11 year anniversary).
And here's the worst part - it was actually pretty good. Of course, I know I missed out on half of the meaning of things since I am STI (Star Trek illiterate) even though Shiloh gave me a quick overview before the show: Volkins are the ones with the weird ears and they don't show emotion, Bones is the doctor, they travel in time, etc. I was entertained and confused. It's a good combo.

On Mother's Day I spoke at to the Junior Highers and their Mom's at my church. Basically I told them how awesome Moms are.

These are not junior highers, but they would be if they were in junior high. Elijah loves these brothers. And this photo was taken in the church parking lot (next to my DMV). 

After church, pool party with my parents and the cupcake family. 
The end.

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mel said...

Happy Anniversary Wendy & Shiloh! I have this really cool rubber chicken that I want to give you for your anniversary.....let me know when I can drop it off :)

Meghan said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You lucky girl you got sprinkles cupcakes. Those are quote tasty I made them from scratch (they sell mix at stores) and let me tell you they are even better homemade. Glad to see that you had great celebratory weekend! Miss you guys and we need to all hang out soon!!!

Lorri said...

what a perfect day! It's good to know cupcake families...

tlswank said...

Is your son seriously wearing a wife beater in this pic?

Totally Desperate Mom said...

TL - absolutely. They go with anything and everything.