Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lydia is Three Years Old - For Real

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Lydia turned three last weekend! We had her party a few weeks ago, but just to confuse her we also celebrated her "real birthday." Now she is all confused about how old she is, when her birthday is, who her Mom is, etc. Oh well. That's what therapy is for.

Dad took her to San Francisco all by herself the day before her real birthday. The started at McDonald's. It was her first time there. (Yes, we I actually try to feed our kids healthy most of the time). She enjoyed the fries.

Then she played on the beach.

Then they had ice cream sundaes at Ghirdelli Square. Then she puked over her Dad. Okay, that didn't happen, but it would have been pretty funny.
Off to the toy store to pick out a toy. She chose a My Little Pony Ice Cream shop.
And they finished strong at the park. Her Dad is so very good to her.

And yes, that is "outfit by Dad." That is a pajama top and she was wearing the pajama bottoms at the beach. Why match your outfit when you can... not match?

Then on her "real, real birthday" (May 17th) we went to donuts for breakfast with her buddy, Owen.

Cake for dinner. Did I say we try and feed our kids healthy? Umm....whatever.

She got this beautiful princess dress from Grandpa Fred and Nanna Robin. She loved dancing around in it. But then she was done with it. But I hadn't gotten a picture of her in it (as was requested). So like any good Mom I made her put it on again "just for a really quick picture." She'll thank me when she is older... or have more therapy material.

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Lorri said...

Happy Birthday Cutie!

Erin said...

Love that last picture. You never fail to make me laugh!