Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hollywood Days - Print & Commercials

Pin It Now! I'm gonna backtrack a bit now because I found some more pre-Lassie stuff.
These are from a catalog for a mall. That's right. I knew what time it was and so did the guy to my left. Fashion time.

We were rockin' these outfits.

This was from a pilot I did with Joanie Greggains called "Keep it Together." It was a kids' exercise show and she wore pantyhose under her shorts. It didn't go anywhere because of those hose and because kids just like to play video games and get fat.
I just googled Joanie. She looks younger than she did 20 years ago. That's just weird and (clearly) unnatural. I don't care how much you exercise.

Here is a shot from a regional Pac Bell commercial.
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Terpstra East said...

LOVE the watches.... and why on earth did they stick you with an instrument that was the same size as you in that last picture? Clearly picking it up and playing it would a physical impossibility! :) Glad you liked the horse picture. It's a far cry from uncluttered black and white photos in an airy atrium, yes?

Administrator said...

At least you've got some musical talent to go with that French Horn or whatever it is:)


I personally love the picture of you with the red tights on holding that sweet plastic tape player.