Thursday, June 04, 2009

Speak to Me Lord

Pin It Now! Shiloh had a little devotional time with the kids and the memory verse was I Samual 3:10 "Speak Lord, your servant is listening." This was my prayer as I tried to emerge from my MBD on Friday. With all that was on my plate (as mentioned earlier - as well as a graduation ceremony and the women's conference at my church that evening) I wanted to hear from God. I only had 10 minutes, but I knew that God could get the job done.
They say it is dangerous and unwise to just open up your Bible and read. You can pull out some pretty crazy ideas when you pull verses out of context. I am glad to report I did not do that... but I might as well have.

I am doing the Women's Bible Study at my church. It is a study on the life of David by Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore and Kay Arthur. I decided I would do Week Six, Day One. Cuz that's where I was at in the study.

The text was 2 Samuel 13. You can read it yourself or here's my summary:
David's son, Amnon, fell in love with his half sister, Tamar. He wanted to get busy with her. So he sent for her to come over to his place to make him some "special bread." (Maybe bread was the brownies of that day?) She brought the bread, but did not want to have action with him. So he forced himself on her. Amnon's brother got word of this and he was ticked. Two years later he had Amnon killed. Huh.
"Thank you Lord? I am having a Motherhood MBD. Tired. Overwhelmed. Stressed. And you give me 2 Samuel 13 - rape and murder?"
I had to laugh. Not because rape and murder are funny. And there was a purpose/point to Week Six, Day One within the context of the whole study (the sin of David and its consequences, God's judgement, etc). I am not trying to discount God's word or anything. But at this point in my journey, at this moment in my journey I wasn't feeling like the Lord was really speaking to me in my circumstances. Maybe because my situation was child's play compared to what was going down in David's crew? Oh well, it did give me a good chuckle. And I was off to the Design 4 Living conference and I heard from Him there.
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