Friday, October 02, 2009

Do you Know Michael Jordan?

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If you know my family or have been reading this blog for the last few months you know that my 5 year old son, Elijah, is quite taken with Michael Jordan. It all started after I checked out "Space Jam" from the library. Ever since then Elijah has got Michael Jordan on the brain. He wears basketball clothes just about every single day. His favorite is his Jordan jersey that I got for him on Ebay. He worked on his Michael Jordan poster for weeks. He constantly asks me to print out MJ pics from the internet and he cuts them out and tapes them around the house. And the front door thank you very much. He is always asking Shiloh and I questions about Michael Jordan. Sometimes we have to say "Enough talking about Michael Jordan today." We had a talk with him about idolatry. He got all sweet and sensitive and teary eyed, "I know Mom. I worship God. He is more important than Michael Jordan." My Mom got him some Air Jordans and Elijah now stores all his pictures and such in the shoebox. He is storing them for his Michael Jordan birthday party. His birthday is in January.

He said he wanted to invite Michael to his birthday party. So we wrote him this letter. Don't be deceived by the awesome handwriting. I know it looks like a first grader's pennmenship, bit it's mine. Elijah dictated this to me. Word for word.
He also wanted to send a photo album's worth of pics for Mike.

I have tried to tell Elijah that Michael probably won't be able to come to the party. Since he lives far away and is really busy (And we don't have $100,000. Just guessing that's his going rate for corporate events and such). But that has not deterred him from inviting our big boy neighbors (ages 12-23) and telling people that Michael might come to his party.

So help a mother out, would ya? Does anyone have connections to Michael? If so, please pass along the link to this post.
Dear Michael,
We can celebrate Elijah's birthday in a week or in January or any day of the year. Please let us know when you're going to be in the Northern California. We would love to have you at Elijah's party. But we could also come to you. We're nice like that. I can pay you in baked good and homemade posters.
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Anonymous said...

That dunk is one for the books - perfect timing of that pic! Who do I give credit, Wendy or Shiloh? (signed by Ben, I didn't want to sign in)