Saturday, October 03, 2009

Stylin' Saturday #23

Pin It Now! Another guest stylin' tip this week. Carol Ann's daughter, Zoe, claims it's all about the double hat look. She's on to something.

Lydia would also like to contribute some style pointers this week regarding hats. She says, "Wear them. Especially if they don't fit. And use them to tie up loose ends on your outfit. For example, wear a red hat to draw out the red in your shorts to coordinate your UCLA cheerleading top and pink sandals." You go girl.
Elijah's tip? "Keep on sporting the Michael Jordan jersey, shorts and shoes."

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Cheryl said...

Well, at least she knows how to accessorize! She's got the blue bracelet to accentuate the blue stripes of her top and the pink bracelet to accessorize her pink shoes. Not bad for a three year old!