Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Potty on the Plane

Pin It Now! Since I put Lydia back in Pull-Ups about six weeks ago she has fully embraced her ability to pee without interruption in her life. But on the way home from Arizona she was interrupted on the plane when her Pull-Up could no longer handle her fury and it leaked. It just wouldn't be a Hagen vacation without some potty leakin' action. As you might recall-

*Elijah's leaker on the way to Hawaii.
*Lydia's blow-out of the century at the airport in Hawaii on that same trip.
*Lydia in the car on the way to Hume Lake.
*When Lydia fell in the toilet on our Disneyland trip?
*Elijah's refusal to go in the girl's bathroom at the gas station which ended with him peeing his pants and on his shoes while he waited for dad to finish pumping gas. This was at the gas station on the way down to So Cal this (I don't think I even blogged about that one)

Shiloh was sitting with Elijah and Lydia when the leakage was unveiled. Jordis and I were sitting in the row behind them. Shiloh and I traded rows and I took over the "clean-up pee and Lydia" job. I did have clean clothes for her to change into which really takes much of the excitement out of the story. Well, I had clean pants anyway. We borrowed one of Jordis' shirts. It was size 12-18 months and only looked a little white trashy on Lyds. But with the nose picking she stepped up her white trash look a few notches.

Just like her Hawaii blowout, I was eager to take photos of the incident and Shiloh was . . . not laughing or eager to pose for any pics. This is the best I could sneak in before the celebrity broke the paparazzi's camera I was shut down.

And then after weeks of never using the restroom to pee Lydia says, "I have to go potty." Yea, in the airplane bathroom. Every mother's dream. Oh well, these days I am taking what I can get!
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Nancy said...

Aren't those airport bathroom experiences the worst? Serious torture.

Lorri said...

LOL! Someday this will all be a pleasant vague memory! In the meantime 2 words: Nature's. Miracle. At the petstore. The best product in the whole wide world when it comes to bodily excrements human and animal. I buy it by the gallon. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! She at least requested/tried to go potty in the bathroom!

Tegan and Tage said...

Laughing so hard there are tears. Only because I know someday that is going to be me.

Amy said...

wouldn't be a Hagen trip with the poop & pee!

Bill & Jenn said...

Wendy, this so reminds me.... I was listening to some Focus on the Family radio show the other day and heard a speaker talking about potty training REALLY STUBBORN kids.... At the time, I thought immediately of you and hoped it wasn't still an issue with Lydia... Sad to hear it still is. And now BUMMED that I didn't pay more attention to what the guy was saying!!!! And even if I did pay attention, my sleep-deprived brain is now in a permanent fog, so I can't remember. :) I'll see if Bill remembers....

Amy said...

oops, that was supposed to read - wouldn't be a Hagen trip with*OUT* the poop & pee.

TDM Wendy said...

Airport bathrooms come second only to outhouses.
A pleasant vague memory? Looking forward to it.
Small victories.
Get ready.
I didn't even catch that because I knew what you meant.
Think. Remember. Ask Bill. I can't imagine what else I can do so if someone has magic potion-I want it!

Anonymous said...

Okay...I'm so sad we didn't shoot any footage of the entire roll of toilet paper in your toilet and the blessed overflow to the carpet by Charlie-roo...might need to add that one to your book as well as marketing a child-restraint system for your new mani-pedi parlor. I need to let Danville know your bathroom is open for business...So at SFO airport on the way home Charlie decides at 4 he's MAN enough to use the mens room...3 minutes later I hear- "Mom...come wipe my bottom!!!"...Exit all 20men...enter this TDM mom :O) Lovin you! Thanks for an AMAZINGLY fun weekend! xoxo Keri

TDM Wendy said...

Keri, Oh cracking up with the TDM moment at the airport. Classic!