Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hollywood Fake High School Reunion

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Because of my acting career I didn't have a traditional high school experience. I changed high school five times and much of my education took place on set with a studio teacher. I did spend my senior year of high school at one school and graduated from there. I went to my 10-year high school reunion and my 20-year is only a few years away.

However, some of my acting friends never went to a normal high school or they were in and out a lot. No high school reunion and/or no strong ties that would motivate them to attend one. So I made one up. Welcome to our first "Fake High School Reunion." Class of no class. Wait, that doesn't sound so good. Class of 1993ish.

Part 1 of this reunion happened on my So Cal road trip with Lydia and it turned out to be more of a play date.

Remember my old Christina Nigra and Carol-Ann Plante? We reunioned. I hadn't seen either of them in about 15 years. It was all princess action plus Christina's boy, Luke. It was so fun to see them. It was like no time had passed. I love these girls.

Later that evening Carol-Ann and I headed out to Hollywood to meet up with David Moscow for dinner.

The entertainment for that part of the reunion was . . . David. Magic tricks for the little ones. They were completely enamored with him and his "disappearing crayon that reappears in an ear" skills. "Daaaviiiiid! Davey!!! Davey Poo!"

In a few weeks I will be heading back to So Cal for some more speaking engagements and another "Fake High School Reunion: Class of 1993ish" from Child Actors High. We are going to dinner this time. Stay tuned!
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GunDiva said...

Looks like a blast!

Jami Schoettler said...

Looks like they got a kick out of him! I love rolling giggles!! Do you have a list that shows all the churches you're going to be speaking at?

CAP17 said...

I had SO much fun with you guys and it was very cool to see our little ones play together. And it WAS like absolutely no time had passed.
I'm so sad I'll miss the dinner, but please take lots of pics so I can feel like I was there!
BTW, did you notice the ghost stickers on David's shirt...LOL