Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Hollywood Guest Post - Dah-Ve Chodan

Pin It Now! I have finally completed my Hollywood guest posts that I told you about last February! (Although I am still holding out for a Part 2 from David Moscow and Jason Marsden.) And I have recently reconnected with Mark-Paul Gosselaar - (I might see if I can eek a post outta him about his Circus experience.)

Today we hear from my old Circus of the Stars friend Dah-Ve Chodan!

Here is a little something about Dah-Ve currently:
Dah-Ve is a lover of nature, wife to Jesse, mother of two boys who are 11 months apart. Max is 3 1/2 and Sam is 2 1/2. Dah-Ve is addicted to Food Network and HGTV. She loves to cook, bake and make her house feel like home. Watch out Martha! She enjoys gardening, going to the beach, and getting out to explore Hawaii. Her days are filled with diapers, parks, meltdowns, hugs, and fun. She wouldn't have it any other way! (Well maybe a maid . . . and part time nanny. . . and independent wealth.)

I met Wendy during the summer of 1990. We were both working on Circus of the Stars. She was swinging the Russian swing and I was flying on the trapeze.
(Me and my trapeze partners - Shane Butterworth and John Buchanan)

(Me and Wendy at Circus practice)

(Hanging out at Circus practice with our studio teacher and Wendy's Russian Swing Partners Jocelyn Peden and Mark-Paul Gosselaar)

I was 15 years old and just landed my first series regular gig on Uncle Buck.

(From TV Guide)

I had been acting professionaly for 10 years by that time.
My childhood dream had come true. I was a regular on a series and I was on Circus of the Stars! I loved acting all day on the set at Universal Studios. Then practicing the trapeze into the night at the Universal park. Circus of the Stars was the hardest physical thing I had ever done. We practiced six days a week for three months. Every muscle in my body hurt. I remember at one point it hurt to turn the handle to open a door! My hands bled, I injured my back, and I loved every minute of it! Oh to be 15!

(Me and all my circus trainers)

All of us circus kids had loads of fun together. Roaming around the Universal park after hours. We even snuck into the MTV Music Awards after party! We also did less risky stuff like, bowling at Jerry's Deli, going to the beach, and Magic Mountain.

(Magic Mountain with the Circus gang)

These were some of the best times I had in my young acting days. I have some great stories to tell my children. Like how I would explore the back lot of Universal in a golf cart. Or just hanging out with some really nice down to earth young actors.

At the Youth in Film Awards: (right to left) Mario Lopez, Lark Voohries, Christina Nigra, Jodi Peterson, Wendy Cox (now the Totally Desperate Mom), and me

(With Jason Marsden)

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SurferWife said...

Awesome!! You know I love these posts with all of the old school pics.

You girls were just gorgeous. I'm certain I would stare at your pics in Bop and Tiger Beat and wonder why I wasn't as pretty. ;)

TDM Wendy said...

It's more likely that you just coveted our fashion savvy like cut off jean shorts and Wet Seal attire :)

MiMi said...

I LOVE these posts.
Totally takes me back to when I sat on my butt and watched all the COOL people doing stuff with other cool people. lol

Kelly K. said...

That was such a fun flashback! Really enjoyed it. :) I never found the answer to you first circus post where everyone had to guess what you made during circus of the stars. Dying to know the answer! What a lot of fun you all must have had.

TDM Wendy said...

Kelly K,
10 grand.

Romeo said...

This was great! Dah-ve, you had a great trapeze trainer. RIP Armando Farfan.