Saturday, May 07, 2011

Bless Your Mom Stylin' Saturday

Pin It Now! Today is the last day to enter the "Bless Your Mom" giveaway so go do it now! Encourage your mom or a momlike figure in your life and be entered to win over $250 worth of prizes so your daughter will have more than just diapers as an accessory.
You could win (for your or for her or for your mama) a custom necklace from Christine at Q Handmade Jewelry, awesome jewelry from Heather Angel Face Designs, customized and cutified flip flops from Kristin at the little dragonfly, eco-friendly beauty products from Alicia from Eco Friendly Homemaking, a rosey cute headband from Erin at Haute B Blue.
Winners will be announced tomorrow night or Monday morning. Depends on my Mother's Day :)

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Kristin said...
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Kristin said...

I had to go back and look again...thought the princess pull-ups were just outerwear and then noticed it was also headwear and "flotation/swimmies" funny!