Friday, May 06, 2011

How to Train your Husband for Mother's Day

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I am still training my husband about how Mother's Day is supposed to go. He is still clinging to the "Your not my mom" mentality that attempts to rob me of my Mother's Day joy. I have had to explain to him that until the kids are old enough to properly support me on Mother's Day (like when they're 30) he will have to take the reins. Well, actually I just have to tell him exactly how I want the day to go down.

Head over to Fit Moms Fit Kids Club to find the irony behind my ideal Mother's Day and come tell me what your perfect Mother's Day looks like!

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CynthiaK said...

Oh goodness I love that photo. So very awesome. :)

Have a fabulous Mother's Day, Wendy! You deserve it!

hannah singer said...

love the photos on the fitmoms site!
1000% agreed-escaping the 'hood is needed. not for long, but most certainly away.
(i read my sister some of your book tonight! she loves it too-i think i need to write a review on my blog!!)