Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Michael Landes, Paul Walker, Will Estes & Me

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This is rerun, but I updated it a little. And what mom can remember anything anyway? It will be like you've never seen this before even if you have.
These are pics from an episode of The New Lassie called "Gathering of the Clans." It was written by Christopher Stone, who played my dad on the show. We were the McCollochs, a Scottish family who was at odds with another family. Michael Landes played a boy from a rival family. But in the end we didn't let our families spat come between us. He was my first on-screen kiss. He was my only on-screen kiss unless you count a peck on Fred Savage's cheek.

(me and Will on set)

(rehearsing a scene)

(chatting with Mike while we wait to shoot)

(goofing around with Will)

(filming a scene in the house that was used for the movie 'The Great Outdoors')

(Paul Walker was a good friend of mine. He came to visit on the set. He also had auditioned for that episode, but Landes got the part instead. I guess they didn't want a blondie.)

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Erika said...

paul walker was a good friend of yours??? he is my ONLY celebrity crush. he is just beyond beyond beyond dreamy. i am sure no one has ever told him that before! LOL!

TDM Wendy said...

yes. I don't think he has ever heard that :)