Friday, August 26, 2011

Gotta Get Down on InstaFriday

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Two weeks in a row linking up with Jeannett's Insta-Friday. Call it a pattern if you want.
It's my week in cell phone pics.

life rearranged

A backyard tea party.

No family resembalence, but I'm told that lady is my mom.

Grandma took Jordis to get new shoes. She was so excited to show them to her brother.

We might be related.

Once again, perfecting the art of mold.

My favorite hot chocolate in the world. From The Bittersweet Chocolate Cafe.

Shiloh and I had a real date. Outside of the home. Saw this documentary about one of the greatest Formula One racers in history. I know, I know - most of you are dying to see this too.

Got a bunch of apples from my brothers yard so I made these delicious Apple Strudel Muffins.

Kickin' it in the front yard. Lydia loves to take pics with my phone.

Cracked tooth = crown = good times.

Chocolate Pudding Fudge Cake Spill. Courtesy of Lydia or Jordis. We'll never really know.

Chocolate Pudding Fudge Cake. Despite the fallout, it came out perfect.

Banshee our cat. We call him Beano. FYI, he's had some dental issues.

Phayce (pronounced Face) our cat. We call him Facial. FYI, he's had some thyroid issues. Gets two pills a day. Is a total mama's boy. And has attitude and smarts.

Walking to school with the neighbor kids.

First Day of Kindergarten for Lydia.

Big bro and big sis go to school. Little sis gets a Jamba Juice.

First day of school dinner celebration at one of my faves - CPK.

Beyblade contenders. Each kid picked a name. Can you figure out which kid made up which name?

Princess cup beyblading. Invented by Elijah.

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Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

Hehehe this cracked me up! Your kiddos are super cute and it looks like y’all have a lot of fun. How sweet is that, that your little one was excited to show her brother her new shoes! Sorry about your crown. That’s a pain! I had to have one a few years ago and it drives me nuts! Not sure if it was put in right and I’m always getting food stuck in it.....yes I know that’s gross but it is what it is. Oh and on the topic of food your cake looks heavenly! I’m sure that mess was REAL fun to clean up. ;o)

Anyhooo I’m off to check out the rest of your blog. Want to see what I’ve been missing!

Kendra aka "Domestic Princess in Training"

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. First I read that you have relatives in Arroyo Grande. Then that you've spoken at a MOPS in Santa Maria. NOW you know Jeannett, too? She's a friend of mine in the real world. Versus blog world. Just to clarify. Now I really need to get you out here to speak.

hannah singer said...

you look just like your mama-gorgeous!
how do you manage these champion mold growths? also, what the heck is beyblading?
i want in. my guess is
elijah-dark defoul
lydia-earth wolf
jordis-the green guy

great photos! hooray for school! xo