Friday, March 30, 2012


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If it weren't for my cell phone and the camera that is on it, I might not be able to tell you what I did this past week. But I do and I'm showing you and myself my week in cell phone pics . . .

I stole those feathery wreaths from a closet in my mom's house and found the bird picture at HomeGoods for $20. I am very happy to now sleep under this concoction instead of a plain wall. You wouldn't believe how much more soundly I sleep now.

I worked out at home doing Insanity and then picked up my daughter from school looking like this. I was trying to match my hair to the feather leaves from above. Nailed it.

I'm usually a really good driver, but this week I peeled out.

My husband and my baby whose not a baby anymore. But that's still my husband, so that's cool.

I made Easter cookies on Christmas paper. Found it on Pinterest. Duh.

Jordis and I had a hot chocolate while we colored.

Elijah dug for worms.

Lydia played tag with the older girls while I was on yard duty.

There you have it. A wild ride, a week in the life.

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Jen - Earth Angels said...

i loved popping over from insta Friday and getting a peek into your world and week...i have to say I love that banana on the tire shot! lol! AND I have recently started P90X and you girl are doing Insanity!! WOO HOO to you xoxxo have a beautiful day

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Loved all of the pictures from your week! You wall looks so pretty and I can see why you are sleeping better!!