Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Round 2 With Jason Marsden of Blue Like Jazz

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If you are new to my blog, on Wednesdays I post about my experience in Hollywood as a former child/teen actress. If you want to start at the beginning of these posts go here.
This is part 2 of my Q and A with my old friend from my Hollywood Days, Jason Marsden. You can read his previous guest posts here and here to get some more background on him. You may have seen Jason on The Munsters Today or Step by Step or a number of other things. He is currently featured in Space Guys in Space and his voice is featured everywhere - Thundercats, Transformers, Fairly Odd Parents to name a few. And I really I hope you saw him in Blue Like Jazz the movie. If not, it's still playing in select theaters. Go see it. It is loosely based on Donald Miller's book and it is very thoughtful and entertaining. I liked it a lot. Jason plays a a creepy youth pastor. But Jason is not creepy in real life so just relax and read the interview.
On Set as creepy youth pastor.

Read part 1 of the Q and A with Jason here.
(Iapologize for the multiple fonts for you font snobs out there. I cut and pasted from an email and I am not going to spend an hour sifting through the html to fix it. You'll just have to be an overcomer. Now overcome and read on.)

Questions From My Blog Readers:  
1. Love how Jason loves his kiddo so much! I like to know what it was like working with Steve Taylor. I was a big fan of his music in the 80's. :)
Steve was great! I had no idea of his history until well after shooting. I only worked for two days on the film and he was very much in 'work mode', so we never got much time to socialize. He has a place in Nashville, where my wife and I frequent. We've been trying to cash in on a coffee date where I will prod about his scandalous background in the music industry, personally. 

2. How did you prepare for a youth pastor role? That would be interesting to hear since I've worked in youth ministry for a long time. The scene where you had the pinata was great. Great movie, you guys did a really good job! I loved it.
Thank you, Mysterious Hagen-Blog Follower! To be honest, besides learning my lines, I did very little prep. Having chaperoned a lot of kids Bday parties and events, I knew a little about "Kenny's" responsibilities. I love kids and hanging out, trying to be a decent role model, comes naturally. The womanizing and the warped sense of faith that Kenny has...that was where acting came in. ;-) 

Questions from me:  

1. As a Christian, the book made a big impact on me. Gave me some fresh perspective and insight. Challenged me to reach out and ask forgiveness from some people I had judged harshly. Did the movie or book have any impact on how your view spirituality or Christians or Christianity or umbrellas in Oregon?
Honestly, to me, the book read as insight into ones life, like any other auto-biographical story. I found it entertaining and certainly thought provoking. I guess, to address the question, as a non-follower of Jesus, this whole experience did relieve in my mind that, hey, every Christian isn't trying to save me. Or maybe you are?! Or maybe you did!? Ha! You know, I try to practice a life of non-judging, kindness, love, and respect, and it was silly for me to have suspected anything else from this experience. 

2. Where was the movie filmed and how many days did your stuff take?
The film was shot in Nashville and Oregon. I did my bits in Nash over two days.

3. When you did the puppet thing at church and then sang that song . . . creepy and yet brilliant in terms of the way they revealed who you were. Did you just come up with that voice/character or is that from your pool of many voices and characters?
Pooled from my inner Speedy Gonzales, but less 'speedy'. 

4. Had you met or worked with any of the actors before? Who was the funniest on set? Besides you, of course.
I was a fan of Marshall Allman from True Blood. Never met him or any of the other actors or crew before. He was very funny and I was impressed with his dedication to the project. Considering what he and Taylor went through to get it made I could tell they made it a team effort and worked fluently together. 

5. In the movie, we see a lot of people who are passionate about various causes. What cause or social justice issue are you personally most passionate about?
Man, how about kindness!? There seems to be very little of that here in Los Angeles. I wish we could all slow down a bit, stop taking things personally, perhaps share a smile if one is offered to you. Litter is also something that bugs me. Being careless and thoughtless enough to leave your empty Starbucks grande mocha on the ground, by your car, in the parking lot, when there is clearly a garbage can not 20 feet away. Or guess what, I'm pretty sure your car will hold enough trash til you get home...argh, rant rant. I do have a plan to start a non-profit, targeting thoughtlessness amongst my fellow human beings. Be on the lookout. 

6. Tell us a thing or two or eight about your beautiful wife.

She's insane! The universe has thrown her many...many obstacles! She deals, processes, and becomes stronger as a result. I've never met anyone quite like her! I've seen her blossom from one amazing human being to one galactically amazing human being! When it seems that she is incapable of topping herself, she does. My wife is a very important person in my life, in my son's life, and in the people she touches within our community of friends, students, and more. I always joke that she's Oprah. Any day now someone's gonna offer her her own network. She has taught me so much and is such a support system in my life. Oh, and she's hot!


Thanks for reading!

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Jen E. said...

cool. love what he said about his wife. so sweet!

Linda Z said...

Thanks to Jason for sharing! Fun to hear some background details. His family is adorable! :)